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Before the days of big Hawaiian resort hotels and fiberglass surfboards, surfers like The Duke, Buzzy Trent, Woody Brown And Tommy Blake were spending long, lazy days partaking in the Maui Wowi lifestyle and the tasty waves on the North Shore beaches.

The legend of these great surfers grew far and wide. Many were drawn by the allure of a pure, Hawaiian lifestyle-a slower, simple life measured by the tides and the surf-break, where long, sandy beaches are overhung by sun-kissed fruit trees swaying in soft, island breezes. ŽOhana thrived by looking after one another and the aloha spirit embraced the islands.

Decades later, Jeff & Jill Summerhays still embrace the healthy, carefree, Maui Wowi lifestyle by bringing Hawaiian gourmet coffees and all-natural, fresh fruit smoothies to the world.

From our ŽOhana to yours, may Maui Wowi bring you health, serenity and the Aloha Spirit.

LeŽaleŽa (enjoy!)

Jeff & Jill Summerhays

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